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Open Custody

Open Custody is an Order of the Youth Justice Court. When a young person is sentenced to Open Custody, the young person will normally spend the first two thirds of the term in an Open Custody facility, and the final one third in the community under supervision. During this period of supervision, the young person may be returned to custody by the court for any serious breach of the conditions of supervision.

In Newfoundland and Labrador, all places of Open Custody are community based and non-institutional. There are nine Group Homes across the province that serve as designated places of Open Custody. As well, private homes can be approved as Open Custody placements, called Community Custody Homes. Whether in group-based or private homes, young persons in Open Custody live in residential areas, and have routine access to community services and activities under strictly controlled conditions.

The Open Custody Group Homes are operated by community groups or non-governmental agencies, through Service Agreements with the Department of Children, Seniors and Social Development. These Group Homes are:

  • John Howard Society Home for Youth - St. John's
  • Loretta Bartlett Home (John Howard Society) - Corner Brook
  • Shushepishipan Group Home - Sheshatshiu
  • Nain Group Home - Nain

Further information about Community Custody Homes, and the process for approval, can be found by contacting the provincial manager of the Youth Corrections Program at 709-729-2794.


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