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Violence Against Older Persons Campaign

This campaign sheds light on violence against older persons and encourages residents to take action to eliminate violence in Newfoundland and Labrador. The campaign is a collaborative project through the Violence Prevention Initiative and the Provincial Healthy Aging Policy Framework.

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World Elder Abuse Awareness Day - June 15

In Madrid in April 2002, countries throughout the world adopted the United Nations International Plan of Action on Ageing. The Plan of Action recognized the importance of addressing and preventing abuse and neglect of older adults. It identified that mistreatment of older adults was a violation of internationally recognized human rights. The International Network for the Prevention of Elder Abuse (INPEA) introduced the first World Elder Abuse Awareness Day to sup-port the Madrid Plan of Action on Ageing. The INPEA is working with interested individuals, agencies, organizations, non-governmental organizations, governments and businesses throughout the world to promote this special day.

This special day is a time to share information, learn more, discuss the issue of abuse of older adults, and become involved. Canada has been recognized internationally as a leader in raising public awareness of abuse of older adults and in developing innovative and respectful approaches to dealing with the issue. Canada's Federal/Provincial/Territorial (F/P/T) Working Group on Safety & Security for Seniors has produced the following fact sheets in support of World Elder Abuse Awareness Day.

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  • Fact Sheet #1 : June 15 is World Elder Abuse Awareness Day
    English (281 KB) French (221 KB)
  • Fact Sheet #2 : What is Abuse of Older Adults?
    English (158 KB) French (117 KB)
  • Fact Sheet #3 : Types of Abuse and Neglect
    English (147 KB) French (81 KB)
  • Fact Sheet #4 : Abuse of Older Adults: Signs and Effects
    English (194 KB) French (87 KB)
  • Fact Sheet #5 : Why Does Abuse Happen in Later Life?
    English (84 KB) French (55 KB)
  • Fact Sheet #6 : Help is Available
    English (184 KB) French (93 KB)
  • Fact Sheet #7 : Help is Available: Provincial and Territorial Contact Numbers and Key National Resources in Canada
    English (401 KB) French (402 KB)

Financial Planning and Protection for Older Canadians

The issue of financial abuse and protection is specifically addressed in a series of eight fact sheets on financial matters developed for older canadians, by the Federal/Provincial/Territorial Ministers Responsible for Aging and Seniors.

Older Canadian Financial Planning and Protection - English

Feuilles de renseignements sur la planification et la sécurité en matière de finances - en français

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