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Intra-Provincial Travel Subsidy Program

The Intra-Provincial Travel Subsidy (IPTS) Program is designed to offset the cost of ground travel for teams and individual student athletes participating in School Sports Newfoundland and Labrador (SSNL) Provincial Championships. The IPTS is administered based on the travel distance required to attend the championships.

Who is eligible?

Any student-athletes representing a school, who is a member in good standing with SSNL, and who has qualified and registered for a Provincial Championship is eligible.

Will all athletes that qualify and register for a sponsored Provincial Championship receive the subsidy?

A maximum of 6 teams per year, per school will be eligible for funding. Funding above the 6 teams per school will be considered at the end of the year if funds are available.

How is the subsidy calculated?

A minimum travel distance of 400km return is required in order to be eligible for the IPTS. All travel distances will be calculated from the community where the school is located to the community of the school hosting the championship, using the Newfoundland & Labrador Road Distance Database located at

The following formula will be used to determine the level of funding:

  • 400 - 800km return trip: $20/athlete
  • 801 - 1200km return trip: $40/athlete
  • 1201 - 1600km return trip: $60/athlete
  • 1601 - 2000km return trip: $80/athlete
  • 2000km+ return trip: $100/athlete

The number of athletes subsidized will be based on the rosters submitted online through the SSNL website and who participate in the championship. SSNL will automatically calculate the eligible subsidy based on the rosters submitted online through the SSNL website.

How is funding distributed?

SSNL will distribute funds to the schools before Christmas, before Easter and at the end of the school year. Schools will be responsible to distribute funds evenly and directly to each athlete.

What is not eligible?

School Invitational tournaments, Provincial Sport Organization tournaments, SSNL Demonstration Sport tournaments and other non-SSNL school competition(s) are not eligible for the IPTS.

Are Labrador athletes eligible for both the IPTS and the Labrador Travel Subsidy?

Labrador student athletes will be eligible for either the Labrador Travel Subsidy or the IPTS program, not both.

For more information contact:

Karen Richard
Executive Director

School Sports Newfoundland and Labrador
Telephone: (709) 729-2795


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