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The Department of Children, Seniors and Social Development promotes and supports physical activity and the recreation and sport delivery system through its Recreation and Sport Division. One of the main functions of the division is to oversee the implementation of Active, Healthy Newfoundland and Labrador: A Recreation and Sport Strategy for Newfoundland and Labrador(2007)

Active, Healthy Newfoundland and Labrador: A Recreation and Sport Strategy for Newfoundland and Labrador


A vibrant and active population safely participating in physical activity, recreation and sport at all levels for quality of life, improved health, enhanced social interaction, personal fulfillment and excellence, all within a system that is safe, equitable, ethical, and accountable.


SAFE - In a safe recreation and sport system, the physical and psychological well-being of all participants is of the highest importance, allowing all Newfoundlanders and Labradorians to safely participate in the recreation and sport activities of their choice at the level of their aspiration.

EQUITABLE - In an equitable recreation and sport system, all Newfoundlanders and Labradorians have access to a diverse range of recreation and sport opportunities regardless of age, gender, cultural background, economic or social circumstance, physical ability, or place of residence within the province.

ETHICAL - In an ethical recreation and sport system, all participants work to uphold the highest levels of personal and social conduct, and ensure, individually and collectively, that all participants are treated with dignity and respect.

ACCOUNTABLE - In an accountable recreation and sport system, individual, groups, and organizations are all recognized as being responsible for their actions and their roles within that system, and are required to act within and according to established principles, guidelines, standards, and best practices.

Key Directions

  1. Increase participation in recreation and sport and physical activity
  2. Encourage and support communities and organizations to improve access to recreation and sport by overcoming barriers to participation
  3. Strengthen public sector support, especially by developing physical and human resources in order to expand and improve the recreation and sport experience of the province's citizens with special attention to Aboriginal groups, women, seniors, youth and persons with disabilities
  4. Reach the potential of our citizens through enhanced excellence
  5. Build human resource capacity by strengthening the volunteer sector and identifying opportunities for cooperation and collaboration in recreation and sport
  6. Support infrastructure capacity.


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