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Health Promotion Resources

The Department of Children, Seniors and Social Development publishes and/or distributes many resources in the public health and health promotion area. These resources have been either developed by the provincial consultants or purchased based on their recommendations. Publications are reviewed on an ongoing basis with their regional counterparts and new titles are developed as needed.

Resources are available at several depots throughout the province and are available to health professionals, community groups and the general public. All publications are free but staff reserve the right to limit quantities.

Publications can be ordered from the following regional locations (28 KB).

Physical Activity

  • Canadian 24 Hour Movement Guidelines for the Early Years (0-4)
  • Canadian 24 Hour Movement Guidelines for Children and Youth (5-17)
  • Canadian Physical Activity Guidelines for Adult (18-64)
  • Canadian Physical Activity Guidelines for Older Adults (65+)
  • Canadian Guideline for Physical Activity Throughout Pregnancy
  • Canadian Physical Activity Guidelines for Adults with Multiple Sclerosis (18-64)
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    Healthy Eating

    As part of the national Healthy Eating Strategy, Health Canada launched the new Canada’s Food Guide PDF on January 22, 2019.
    Health Canada’s strategy to support healthy eating strives to decrease chronic disease and improve overall health for Canadians. The new Canada’s Food Guide aims to strengthen healthy eating recommendations and provide guidance in ways that are relevant and useful to the public and other stakeholders.
    Officials in the Department of Children, Seniors and Social Development are reviewing the new information and suite of resources PDF which were developed for a variety of users.
    We will work with stakeholders and partners, consider the needs and priorities in Newfoundland and Labrador, and identify opportunities to support integration and implementation in our policies, programs and resources.

    In the meantime, current resources remain available. If you have questions please contact Heidi Boyd, Health Promotion Consultant (Healthy Eating) at 729-3280 /

    Target Group : Indigenous People

    Target Group : Expectant, New Mothers and their Families

    Target Group: General Population

    Target Group: Children and Parents/Teachers

    Target Group: Seniors

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    Child Health

    Preschool Health Check

    Resources for parents, children and Public Health Nurses to supplement the delivery of the Preschool Health Check.

    Child Development

    These pamphlets provide information about common developmental activities a child could be expected to achieve by the designated age, noting that all children develop at their own rate.

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    Parent and Child Health

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    Safety: Injury Prevention

    Car Seat Safety - Transport Canada

    Booster Seats

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    Tobacco Control

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