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Student Financial Services (Education)

Provides financial assistance to students who are attending community or private colleges, universities and technical institutes. Help is offered through such programs as Student Loans, Study Grants, Access Grants and Bursaries. For more help, call 1-709-729-5849, 1-888-657-0800 or email

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Student Loan Interest Relief Program (Education)

Helps persons with student loans who are unable to continue repayment due to low income. For more help, call the telephone numbers below.

If you attended a public institution:

If you attended a private institution:

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Debt Reduction Grants (Education)

The provincial part of a student loan may be changed to a grant. This grant does not have to be paid back if certain conditions are met. The Student Financial Services automatically determines who is eligible for this grant. There is no application process. For more help call 1-709-729-5849, 1-888-657-0800 or email

For more information on provincial programs and services visit Click on Departments/Agencies and then click on the department responsible for the program you are looking for.

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Student Loan Corporation (Education)

Provides help to persons who have defaulted on their student loans or are unable to meet the loan repayment conditions. For more information, call (709) 729-6465 (St. John's area) or 1-877-520-8800.

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Adult Basic Education (ABE) (Education)

ABE is a provincial program for adult learners. It is made up of three levels:

  • Level I - Basic literacy, equal to Kindergarten-Grade 6
  • Level II - Equal to Grades 7-9
  • Level III - Equal to Grades 10-12

ABE is offered through:

  • College of the North Atlantic (CNA)
  • Non-profit community-based groups
  • Some private training institutions

For more help, call one of the telephone numbers below.

ABE Level I: (709) 729-7668
ABE Levels II and III: (709) 729-6860

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Scholarships for ABE

Scholarships for ABE students are available at the College of the North Atlantic. For more help, call 1-888-982-2268, email or visit opens new window.

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General Educational Development - GED (Education)

The GED is a way for adult learners to earn a high school diploma. A person can take a GED test if they are:

  • At least 19 years of age or older
  • Not currently enrolled in a high school program
  • Not a high school graduate
  • A resident of Newfoundland and Labrador for six months or longer

For more help, call (709) 729-7919.

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Successful Post-Secondary Transition Scholarship (Education)

Available to graduates of Adult Basic Education (ABE), General Educational Development (GED) or the Comprehensive Arts and Science College Transition program. Students must have completed these programs since September 2005 and be enrolled in their first year of a full-time undergraduate program of 8 months or longer. For more help, call (709) 729-1738.

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Memorial University

Memorial University offers many scholarships, bursaries and grants to students. For more help, please call (709) 737-3956 or visit opens new window

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Newfoundland and Labrador Public Libraries

There are public libraries throughout the province that lend books. Libraries also provide free public access to the internet. A list of libraries is in the yellow pages of the telephone book under "Libraries - Public". opens new window

Did you know free internet services are available at your local library?

For more information on provincial programs and services visit Click on Departments/Agencies and then click on the department responsible for the program you are looking for.

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Persons with Disabilities

Permanent Disability Benefit (Education)

Available to persons with permanent disabilities who are having trouble repaying student loans. For more help, 1-709-729-5849, 1-888-657-0800 or email

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