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Disability Policy Office


The Government of Newfoundland and Labrador is committed to making sure that people with disabilities are included in all aspects of society. To help achieve this goal, the government set up the Disability Policy Office.

The main purpose of the Disability Policy Office is to:

  • promote the inclusion of people with disabilities in all aspects of society
  • engage people with disabilities and advocates in developing ways to identify and remove barriers
  • help government departments make sure their policies and programs do not exclude people with disabilities
  • promote positive attitudes
  • raise awareness of disability issues

The Disability Policy Office works with all government departments and agencies to develop policies and programs that include people with disabilities and that are barrier free. This work is important to make sure everyone has the same opportunities.

There are many barriers that can get in the way when people with disabilities try to access a service, program or opportunity. Whether it is going to school, finding a job, playing sports, or volunteering in a local event, people with disabilities should not be excluded. The Disability Policy Office works with community organizations, businesses and other government groups to break down all sorts of barriers: in buildings, attitudes, and policies.

Partner Departments and Agencies

Many government departments and agencies work together to make sure their services and programs include people with disabilities. Ministers and senior management meet regularly to plan how best to remove barriers and achieve inclusion. Partner departments and agencies include:


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